Being Away

Typin' a blog post

With coffee in hand, I type my latest blog post in the lobby of the hotel.

It’s Saturday, around 1pm, and I’m sitting in the lobby of a luxurious hotel in beautiful Orlando, just 15 minutes away from Disney World and listening to the corny elevator music permeating throughout the lobby. I’ve been here for the past 2 days attending a meeting for work. As I wait for the shuttle to the airport to head back home, I’m taking the opportunity to jot some thoughts down to post when I get back. (I don’t usually broadcast that I’m away from home for an extended period of time for fear of social media stalkers taking advantage of my absence from Kelli and girls.) (more…)

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Finding some normalcy

Well, the General Assembly is over and I took Friday off to deflate and have an extended weekend of rest. The event went well and — although stressful — I was proud to be a part of it.

Kelli and I had a small amount of time together the first day we arrived. We were able to arrive early so I could attend a pre-conference meeting and to help unload some things. Due to a misunderstanding between AM verses PM in scheduling, I actually had the evening free. Kelli and I walked around downtown Nashville and were able to settle into a good seat at BB Kings Place and listen to some great live blues. (more…)

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Please excuse me for a moment while I scream:

Smoke mask

We're required to wear these masks in order to work in our office. Not the most comfortable headgear I've ever worn.


There, I feel much better. Thanks….

These past couple of weeks have been a real doozy. It all started on last Tuesday (April 5) morning. I felt sick and nauseous so I decided to call in a sick day. Turns out I didn’t need too: there was a fire in the building and all floors were inundated with heavy smoke. Our office on the 10th floor (or “10 West,” as it has been recently known) were among some of the most smoke damaged areas in the building because of the location of the fire and how the smoke moved in the building. We figured we would be out for a couple of days — not so much. Now we are having to temporarily move to new offices for anywhere from 10-90 days while they completely renovate and repair our offices. We’ve been out of the building for over a week and we won’t be able to work in an actual work space until Monday, putting our total time out of the office for two weeks.  We’ve been working from home, but that’s not as easy as it sounds. (more…)

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Routine: tough for me, required for the girls

I’m not a die-hard routine type of guy. I’m a “let-the-cards-fall-as-they-do” type of person – borderline on procrastinator. However, having two children, I have been learning the importance of routine. Kelli is awesome at developing and maintaining a routine. She sometimes get’s annoyed at my fly-by-night attitude on schedule. But thanks to her, our children go to bed with no problem, wake up at a consistent time, go down for naps easily, and we don’t ever really have to worry about the “bedtime fight.”

So, when daddy is at home when he should be at work, that throws a wrench in things. (more…)

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