Video: “Sensory Overload”

Once again the wonderful world of the Internet has produced a brilliant and beautiful video demonstrating how someone with autism experiences the world around them. This video was created by Miguel Jiron and produced by Scott Mahoy as part of the “Interacting with Autism” project, which was to be a video-intensive online resource for autism. I’m not entirely certain whatever happened to the project (their web site isn’t accessible) but this video is a wonderful demonstration of how difficult it is for those with autism or other sensory disorders to properly process the sensations that surround them.

It’s a quick watch but it was beautifully animated. If anyone ever asks how someone on the spectrum interprets the world around them, show this video!

Sensory Overload (Interacting with Autism Project) from Miguel Jiron on Vimeo.

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A breakthrough

It’s always exciting to see your child progress through their development. Sometimes it’s hearing them talk their first full sentences, their first steps, their first smile. One came for Michaela just the other day. She has been working to overcome her extreme (and sometimes debilitating) fear of the vacuum. (You can read a couple of other posts about it here.) Lately, she had been “tempting fate” by watching mommy vacuum from the stairs, then she moved to the couch, then she starting walking around the room while we were vacuuming. Then, the other day, without warning, she decided to do something we thought would take much longer for her to come to terms with: she actually vacuumed the living room floor.

For frequent visitors of our site, you’ll know that this is a huge deal for us. This means that she is learning to cope and understand her fear and to realize that some things — no matter how loud they are — are not harmful.

We managed to get it on video. Enjoy… We sure did! (I see more chores for our eldest in the near future…. Tee hee!)

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Autism Positivity Day 2012 Flash Blog #IWishIDidn’tHaveAspergers

Autism Positive 2012 Flash Blog

A couple weeks ago within the autism community someone came up with the idea of creating a flash blog. Just like the flash mobs you see around the world. If you are not familiar to what is a flash mob here is the Autism Awareness Day Flash Mob that happened this year on April 2nd.

What started this idea is someone was desperate and was trying to find information on “I wish I didn’t have Aspergers.” So the creators for the Autism Positivity Day  flash blog wanted all bloggers to blog about the positive side of autism on April 30th and tweet the hash tag #IWishIDidn’tHaveAspergers with a positive message. This way all the blogs and tweets will flood the search engines for this individual and others searching to know, not to loose hope there is help and support out there! (more…)

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Signs and considerations for children with Aspergers and autism

Saw a great video today directed towards teachers, but could be a resource for anyone that works with children on a regular basis (social workers, Sunday School teachers, etc.) It came from someone I follow on Twitter named @AspergerSadie. She is a 22-year old (at the time of this post) with Asperger’s Syndrome and has been interesting to follow.

Watch her video on things to watch for and to be mindful of when working with children with Aspergers and autism.

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Here It Comes…

I’ve been holed-up in my mad-scientist laboratory for awhile now — tinkering and experimenting — and I’ve had a “eureka” moment: A discovery of profound significance; an event of historical proportions; a colossal occurrence of creativity and passion; a birth of epic proportions; a creation born of sheer will, sweat, blood, tears, laughter, and… well, a little splash of rum.

It’s the newest design of Life’s Little Puzzle.


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