No choice….

When I got up this morning I heard this “big” thud then Melanie started screaming. Chris got to her room first. He told me Melanie fell out of her crib and was standing next to it. We looked her over and she was fine. I’m hoping this is just a fluke and she will be content in staying in the nice warm comforts of the crib…..SIGH…not so much. This afternoon I lay her down for nap time. Things were going good until about 2:30pm and once again I hear this “big” thud then Melanie crying. I rush upstairs to find her next to the crib crying. After I checked her over again, I now know what we have to do. (more…)

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Kindergarten Already?!?!?

Yesterday, I took Michaela to her elementary school to register her for Kindergarten in the fall. Thankfully, she is familiar with the school because it is the same school she goes to for developmental preschool. So this really is a blessing.

When we walked up to the school I had a feeling it is not going to be easy, because this is not her normal routine on how she goes to school. As we were walking to the doors she saw her playground and wanted to play. I told her not today we are going to see a new classroom and teachers. She was a little hesitant about this thought. When we walked


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