Time to break in the snow

Well, there’s snow on the ground. That means two little girls are itching to play in it. So here we go…

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Snow Days

Hoping for some snow fun...

Hoping for some snow fun…

Most kids LOVE snow days. That feeling of getting up in the morning, discovering a layer of white powder blanketing everything in sight. The first thing they (and their parents) do is check the school closings. I remember watching the TV as a child, watching with earnest hope that my school would be displayed among the names slowly scrolling along the bottom of the screen. Whenever my school district came on screen, it was a joyful feeling!

But when your child is so dependent on routine, school days can really throw a wrench into things. Michaela doesn’t sometimes understand school days. Why would you close school because of something so fun as snow? What’s the harm is innocent looking white “fun-stuff?”  (more…)

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What’s Happening?

A lot has been going on this year with the girls! First, we all have recovered from the holiday excitement. Michaela was able to go back to school for a “whole” week and I know she was thrilled. She even had some homework this week. Michaela loves to do her homework and she is very meticulous about it get it done. Michaela gets very upset when she doesn’t have homework to do. I hope Michaela will be this excited about homework when she gets older! (more…)

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