The April round-up: a busy month comes to an end

Well now, that was exciting!

April has been the month of many adventures for our family. (And yes, we’ve been so busy that we haven’t event stopped to post on our blog!) Easter, work meetings, trips to Bloomington, stomach bugs — they were all part of our busy month.

The festivities started with a very busy Easter time. Kelli and I were both involved with many musical aspects of the church. We were blessed to participate in Allisonville’s performance of “The Seven Last Words of Christ” by Théodore Dubois. I manned the first trombone while Kelli took principle clarinet. It was a great concert and pleasant way to blow the dust off my trombone chops. Easter Sunday morning was just as busy with a jazz early service and a large, musical filled Easter Worship.

Melanie throwing a fit

A not-so-happy girl expressing her frustration with having to wear dress shoes.

The girls did fairly well, although Melanie was not happy about having to wear a dress — especially shoes. She had such a meltdown that Kelli felt compelled to documented the experience with several wonderfully hilarious photos. My favorite is a shot of her throwing a fit on the couch. Kelli eventually relented and allowed her to wear her tennis shoes. A girl of style — pretty dress and tennis shoes. Michaela did well and was excited to be dressed up for church. Kelli later did our annual Easter photo shoot and you can see the results on our Flickr page or via the gallery we posted below.


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Breaking News: Higgins household declared a bio-hazard

BiohazardJanuary 28, 2012, Greenwood, Ind. — In an overly-hyped press conference in the Summerfield Village housing addition, Greenwood Fire Chief Charlie “Burnout” Mesquite declared the home occupied by the Higgins family a bio-hazard and warned friends and family to avoid contact with any members of the household. “We are in contact with the Higgins family,” said Mesquite during the 5-minute press conference. “However, it is difficult to communicate over the constant sniffing, coughing, and mumbled-swearing by the father every time he must blow his nose.” (more…)

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Was it a “Trick” or a “Treat” this year for Halloween?

In the beginning of October all the TV shows start talking about Halloween and then we started to see the Halloween commercials. The past several years Michaela wasn’t to sure about the whole Halloween thing. Sometimes it was hard to get a costume on Michaela because it was different and not part of the routine.  Plus, when we would walk around the neighborhood Michaela didn’t understand the concept of getting treats from a complete strangers. To Michaela it was just a day we would walk around door to door and then life went on. (more…)

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That didn’t go as planned…

Last Thursday evening (after Michaela’s “Open House” for school) Melanie and I did not feel good. Melanie had a high fever and was very cuddly which means something is wrong. Then I felt like all my energy was drained along with my own fever. Thankfully, I recovered within 48 hours. However, I did take Melanie to the pediatrician office last Friday (Michaela’s first day of kindergarten) just to check her ears and to rule out infection. Of course the pediatrician confirmed it was the “V” word. (more…)

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