Snow Days

Hoping for some snow fun...

Hoping for some snow fun…

Most kids LOVE snow days. That feeling of getting up in the morning, discovering a layer of white powder blanketing everything in sight. The first thing they (and their parents) do is check the school closings. I remember watching the TV as a child, watching with earnest hope that my school would be displayed among the names slowly scrolling along the bottom of the screen. Whenever my school district came on screen, it was a joyful feeling!

But when your child is so dependent on routine, school days can really throw a wrench into things. Michaela doesn’t sometimes understand school days. Why would you close school because of something so fun as snow? What’s the harm is innocent looking white “fun-stuff?”  (more…)

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Wow…that went by way to fast!

First day in kindergarten

Today is Michaela’s last day of kindergarten. I don’t know about you but for me, this school year has flown by! Michaela had the most wonderful and understanding kindergarten teacher this year. We couldn’t of asked for anyone better.

When Michaela goes to school, she has is infectious personality that everyone wants to be around and everyone in school knows her. Getting Michaela’s IEP in place was one of the reasons this school year was successful along with all the support she has received. (more…)

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The Killer Routine

As you all know children with autism thrive on routine, Michaela and Melanie are no exceptions. Before Michaela was even diagnosed  with autism we already had a routine established. This daily routine came in very handy when Melanie was born because Michaela was having some adjustment issues with a newborn in the house. Our saving grace was the routine! (more…)

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When it rains…it pours

Monday was a very busy stressful day. If something went wrong it did! First, I woke up late because I needed to get Melanie and Michaela to a doctor’s appointment at 8:30am. SIGH. Then while rushing around to get the girls ready and myself, I noticed something when I came downstairs. I accidentally left 2 FULL gallons of milk out on the counter from when I went to the grocery store the night before. SIGH.  After getting breakfast ready and the girls were eating, I was getting the diaper bag ready for the appointment. I then realized I still had Chris’s debit card, so now he had no access to our money if he needed it. SIGH. Then Michaela some how knew we were in a hurry and was taking her time eating breakfast while throwing a fit. SIGH. Amazingly enough we get out of the house and head to the appointment. (more…)

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No choice….

When I got up this morning I heard this “big” thud then Melanie started screaming. Chris got to her room first. He told me Melanie fell out of her crib and was standing next to it. We looked her over and she was fine. I’m hoping this is just a fluke and she will be content in staying in the nice warm comforts of the crib…..SIGH…not so much. This afternoon I lay her down for nap time. Things were going good until about 2:30pm and once again I hear this “big” thud then Melanie crying. I rush upstairs to find her next to the crib crying. After I checked her over again, I now know what we have to do. (more…)

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