The dreaded shots!

Yesterday was not a fun day for Michaela. Every morning when she wakes up she will ask, “What are we doing today?” Since Michaela has an outstanding rote memory we have to be very careful on what we tell her about certain activities. For example, if I tell her 2 days before we plan on going to the zoo and it rains the day we want to go, she will get really upset and throw major tantrums because we couldn’t go! Even if we said we would. So knowing that her 5th year well check up appointment was coming up I knew I couldn’t tell her about it. Michaela just recently has become a worrier. If I would of told her that we were going to the pediatrician office to get shots she would of dwelled on it and upset herself the whole time. (more…)

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Winding Down

The girls are in bed; the flowers are watered; the kitchen picked up; Kelli is at a meeting at church — time to relax!

Michaela and Melanie usually go to bed early: 7:30 or 8:00. It’s fun to tell friends about the girls bedtime. Typically the reaction is “Wow, you’re lucky” or “that’s really early!” Kelli is really good about routine and we have benefited from this by now having girls that go to bed with relatively little difficulty.

“Why,” you ask, do we put them to bed that early? Two reasons: children need more sleep than parents and parents need some time to themselves! (more…)

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It’s good to get away

Shot from studio

A shot of our engineer recording our guitarist during the studio session.

Some parents have a problem with leaving their children from time to time. In the case of parents of a child with disabilities, this can sometimes be exacerbated and create feelings of guilt from “leaving” their kids with someone else while they take some time to themselves. I believe this is why some marriages struggle (and fail) for parents of special-need children.

We don’t have a single, ever-living problem with leaving our kids with others while we have fun… not one bit….

After the hubbub from the previous couple of weeks, Kelli and I each had an opportunity to get away for a short while — even from each other! (more…)

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