Another Halloween bites the dust!

2012 Pumpkins

Our pumpkins for this year’s Halloween. We got quite the response from our logo!

Well, another ghoulish November-eve has come and gone. Everywhere one could look there were ghosts, zombies, Michael Myers, that scary dude from the Scream movies, a Ghostbuster, Spidermans, Batmans, Iron Mans, princesses, a Tinkerbell (or two – can’t remember), and a very well camouflaged kid decked in hunting garb who was annoyed when I joked with him about “not seeing him.” Grandma and poppy joined us for this Halloween, with grandma and Kelli escorting the girls throughout the neighborhood. In all, it was another busy but wonderful Halloween in our neighborhood. (more…)

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A Mother’s Day Story: Michaela style

I can’t believe it is almost Mother’s Day. Does anyone else feel like it was just Christmas?!! This year is just flying by for me.

Michaela has been telling a lot of stories to Chris and I. It’s fascinating to take a look in to her world to see how she views everything and to make sense of it. Lately, Michaela has been obsessing about going to the doctor, hospital and getting shots. Every little boo-boo Michaela wants to go to the hospital. I asked Michaela if she remembers when she has been to the hospital (1 1/2 years old for throwing up blood and 3 years old when she got hit in the head with a handicap swing.) Thankfully, Michaela only remembered going to the hospital when she was 3 years old and not when she was 1 1/2 years old. (more…)

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My Rainbow

My mom is finding out that she likes to write. Mom has been a kindergarten teacher for over 30 years and is absolutely wonderful with children. Plus she is one of  my biggest supporters when it comes to the girls. Mom and I have gotten closer when I had the girls and even more close when the girls were diagnoised with autism. Here is a short story mom wrote for Michaela to be shared for autism awareness month! (more…)

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🙂  With all the excitement building up to Christmas we found our way through it! We really did have a wonderful “low key” Christmas this year which was really nice. Last week before Christmas, Michaela was on complete overdrive for most of the week. As you all know, she was the keeper of the Advent calendar and she was counting down the days until Christmas Eve.

When it was finally Christmas Eve Michaela put the last candy cane on the Advent calendar. I seriously thought Michaela was going to explode with excitement! Michaela knew Santa was on his way so she was a very good listener all day! (Why can’t Santa come everyday, so all the children will be on their best behavior?) Chris showed Michaela the NORAD Santa tracker. Michaela was fascinated watching Santa flying around the world. (more…)

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Yep, I’m getting nervous

I can’t believe Melanie’s developmental pediatrician appointment is just 2 weeks away, December 1st. I worked so hard to get this appointment starting in April. I waited 2 months to just get the paperwork, then I filled out TONS of paperwork, sending ALL the paperwork back in, waiting for a call about the appointment then learning about the LONG waiting list, and I called once a month checking with the scheduler to see where we were on the waiting list to be called for an appointment. Every time I saw our pediatrician she would ask me if we had an appointment yet. Sigh…so frustrating. (more…)

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