Sensory Water Bag

Just in case you didn’t know, Pinterest is an addictive creative site for anyone! A while back I found this idea for a sensory water bag. I showed it to Melanie’s speech therapist last week and she said let’s do it!

During Melanie’s therapy session today with her speech and occupational therapist, we put together the sensory water bag! You will need:

  • thick, clear plastic tarp (like painters tarp)
  • duct tape
  • water
  • food coloring
  • small cheap toys: balls, animals, shiny necklaces, glitter (if you are brave) (more…)

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I confess…I have playground anxieties

Yes, it has taken me a while to openly admit my anxiety and to deal with this daily fear I have. I feel being open while sharing this with everyone, it could possibly help other parents going through a similar situation and myself to get through this spring and summer.

Getting ready for Michaela's 3rd Birthday party

The back story on why I have this anxiety:

It was Michaela’s 3rd birthday party. We invited Michaela’s preschool class to the local park which turned out to be a very HOT day. Michaela was into Mickey Mouse Clubhouse at the time so we got a bunch of Mickey Mouse party decorations; cups, plates, napkins, table cloths, balloons you get the idea. The plan was to give the children the homemade ice cream cone cupcakes and drinks first, then let the children go to the playground to run off the sugar high before they go home. Brilliant right? (more…)

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What’s Happening?

A lot has been going on this year with the girls! First, we all have recovered from the holiday excitement. Michaela was able to go back to school for a “whole” week and I know she was thrilled. She even had some homework this week. Michaela loves to do her homework and she is very meticulous about it get it done. Michaela gets very upset when she doesn’t have homework to do. I hope Michaela will be this excited about homework when she gets older! (more…)

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Completely true

I got this poem from a special autism Facebook group posted by Kim Niewiadomski.

Regular Moms vs Special Needs Moms

Moms, a stranger walks among you. We look like regular moms, but we are the hybrid to your standard engine. Our child’s disability altered us, enhanced us. Many words describe us: resilient, creative, protective, emboldened, sympathetic, fierce and determined. We are special needs moms. How do our lives stand apart from your own? Take a look under the hood and see for yourself. (more…)

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No choice….

When I got up this morning I heard this “big” thud then Melanie started screaming. Chris got to her room first. He told me Melanie fell out of her crib and was standing next to it. We looked her over and she was fine. I’m hoping this is just a fluke and she will be content in staying in the nice warm comforts of the crib…..SIGH…not so much. This afternoon I lay her down for nap time. Things were going good until about 2:30pm and once again I hear this “big” thud then Melanie crying. I rush upstairs to find her next to the crib crying. After I checked her over again, I now know what we have to do. (more…)

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