Yes, your child can play on the playground, too!

Playgrounds for Everyone’s new website features the ability to allow visitors to add new locations.

If you have a child with special needs, you know how difficult it can be to find a park where you can allow your child to have fun and release energy without having to endure a stress-induced aneurysm in your parental brain. (Be sure to read Kelli’s post on her playground anxieties – something she still struggles with a bit today!) Wide-open spaces without fences, tall under-maintained park toys, heavy swings that you know were built with the specific purpose to whack your child in the head — all bathing in a large sandbox that you know is used by the neighborhood animals as their personal toilet. (more…)

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Parent is gone – party at “daddy’s place!”

Daddy's Weekend

Daddy's Weekend officially began with a snap photo from my iPhone!

OK, no party — but a well-needed weekend for daddy and girls to spend some time. (Mommy needed a break!) It’s only been 5 hours since this micro-adventure has begun and we have already had a movie, play-time in the back yard, and a small melt-down from Michaela because I told her to pick up the toys in her room. All in all, a pretty decent start! (more…)

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