The Puzzle’s Sooner Respite of Epic Magnitude

The following is a tale of epic proportions – the accounting of a brave couple for which they made the intentional decision to pack their 4-year-old and 7-year-old into a minivan and travel millions of miles (OK… hundreds… but it didn’t feel that way) to visit family in a mysterious land far, far away… Oklahoma.

It cannot be said for certain if this story is true or the creative ranting of a man trying to make sense of reality through the practice of fictitious storytelling, but perhaps you will find your own truth in the text that follows… the truth is out there…. (Fox, don’t sue me…)



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The Nana and Gramps Adventure

Gramps and Melanie

Gramps and Melanie

*Whew* What a past few days! My mom and step-dad (a.k.a. “Nana” and “Gramps,” respectfully) visited us from Corpus Christi and spent some time with the girls. It was a trip, but a good one.

The adventure started Thursday morning when Nana and Gramps arrived at our doorstep. Michaela was very excited (as was Keena) and the adventure began. Michaela still had to go to school but we thought we would get a couple of hours of good time in before she got on the bus. That would also allow Gramps some time to really get to know Melanie as this was the first time he met her. After Michaela returned home from school, we decided to lay-low and just spend some time in the back yard. (more…)

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Ahhhh, yes – a nice day outside

Michaela's Artwork

Keena "guards" Michaela's artwork on the deck.

It’s very nice out today and I was able to send Michaela out into the backyard. She loves to play outside. One of her favorite activities is to color everything with chalk. She has a big tub of colored sidewalk chalk and will go outside and decorate the deck and fence. The fence is a great art canvas – Nana (my mother), during her last visit, taught Michaela how to color and draw on the fence. Now it’s one of her favorite activities.

She also LOVES to play with Keena. They will get to running and Michaela will scream in delight when Keena chases her. It’s nice to have the window open and listen to her play and run in the yard. She loves to feel the wind in her hair (and it is very windy today!) I imagine it’s a tactile stimulation for her.

It’s also nice to watch her relax and get very quiet afterward. 😉


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