Video: Michaela takes us for a ride

We just got back from a vacation to Oklahoma and Gramps allowed some of the cousins to pilot the boat around Lake Murray. Michaela loved it and even felt compelled to… um… move the experience along… (Let’s just say that her observant little eyes figured out what the throttle does…)

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Family Tradition: “Big Breakfast”

Big Breakfast Time!

Big Breakfast Time!

It’s not easy for our family to sit down at dinner. Often times Kelli or I will have something going on in the evenings, or we are not hungry when the girls usually eat. Most nights the girls get their dinner earlier and Kelli and I will enjoy a dinner together later in the evening after the girls go to bed. There are rare occasions where we have tried to have a common dinner but often times the cuisine that Kelli and I enjoy is far from the more simple tastes the girls will eat.

There is one meal that we all agree on in regards to time and menu: breakfast. We’ve made it a tradition to – whenever possible – sit down to a breakfast together on the weekends. (more…)

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Having the “death” talk

Great-grandpa watches as Michaela opens up gifts at her birthday party.

Great-grandpa (Warren) watches as Michaela opens up gifts at her birthday party.

It’s a conversation that no parent wants to have, yet it is an inevitable fact of life. As Benjamin Franklin so eloquently put it: “…in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”

I’ll be happy to talk to my daughter about taxes – I’ve got some good material on that particular subject and she will be schooled well in that regard.

Death is another matter. (more…)

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Whoa! It IS alive!

Yes, yes… we haven’t posted anything in a while. Kelli’s been trying to gear herself up for getting back in the habit by posting older blog articles on Facebook and I simply haven’t had time. It’s been a busy six months! (Yes… it’s been six months…)

So, what’s been happening, you ask? Michaela finished her 1st grade year and Melanie finished her first year of pre-school. I’m busy at work (as usual) and Kelli keeps busy with church and raising the girls (as usual.)


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Snow Days

Hoping for some snow fun...

Hoping for some snow fun…

Most kids LOVE snow days. That feeling of getting up in the morning, discovering a layer of white powder blanketing everything in sight. The first thing they (and their parents) do is check the school closings. I remember watching the TV as a child, watching with earnest hope that my school would be displayed among the names slowly scrolling along the bottom of the screen. Whenever my school district came on screen, it was a joyful feeling!

But when your child is so dependent on routine, school days can really throw a wrench into things. Michaela doesn’t sometimes understand school days. Why would you close school because of something so fun as snow? What’s the harm is innocent looking white “fun-stuff?”  (more…)

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