A Backyard Story

So I had the work camera at home this weekend for a video shoot on Sunday afternoon. Since I had the nice camera, I thought I would gets some fun shots of the girls playing the backyard. Some swinging, some chalk art, some playing the dog, some swimming…. just a wonderful time in the comfort of home and enjoying the outdoors. Enjoy!

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Filtering out the noise

Noise PoliceI’m a very auditory learner. I’ve always loved to listen and paint images in my head. I’m an avid patron of talk radio and don’t often listen to music in the car, favoring instead the funny story, current news or an interview on “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me.” (If I had a dollar for every “driveway moment” experienced while listening to NPR then I’d be a wealthy man and wouldn’t need you to click the ads on our web site…. *hint* *hint*….)

That being the case, I have noticed an increase in sensitivity to the acoustics within my surroundings. The smallest noises are starting to create anxiety. I recently had the wonderful experience of participating in a production of “Jesus Christ Superstar.” The cast was great, the orchestra was great, the crew was great. But there were several occasions during rehearsals where all the noise – the talking, the instruments, the singing, the choir – would simply get the best of me and the only remedy was to find a quiet spot to calm down. Even tonight, in my own living room, the noise was overwhelming. Between Melanie’s TV show, Michaela reading her homework out loud, Kelli watching something on her computer… it was just too much! I felt like I couldn’t filter it out. I even tried to distract myself with a game on my phone – didn’t work. I finally had retreat to the upstairs and decided to write this post. (more…)

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A word explosion and little Miss Sassy

dictionaryMelanie has recently been experiencing a vast increase in her vocabulary. We like to call it a “word explosion.” For the past month we have been noticing either new words or words she knew becoming more clear. The last month has seen a big increase. It’s very encouraging!

Just the other day, as I was preparing her for nap time, she flat out told me “no pj’s.” Normally I would dismiss such a clearly understandable phrase as coincidental gibberish but given her recent word explosion and the fact she made this pronouncement as I was about to have her put on her PJs I’m pretty certain it was intentional. It somewhat startled me – in a good way, of course! (more…)

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Decoding the Mystery Cry

Any parent of a child that is not yet speaking – whether that child is special needs or not – has encountered the “mystery crying.” This phenomenon happens when a child starts to cry and yet you have no idea why. And not just a “tired” cry or a “mad” cry – it’s the “something-is-actually-wrong-or-hurt” type of cry.

Melanie did it twice this morning. (more…)

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Time to break in the snow

Well, there’s snow on the ground. That means two little girls are itching to play in it. So here we go…

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