Author’s note: I am sick and tired of “experts” and anti-vaccination wackos’ attempts at forcing a non-existing link between the MMR vaccination and autism.┬áIf you are one of the aforementioned evangelists of improper childhood care then please keep reading so I can throw a ton of references into your field of view in an attempt educate your sorely misinformed fear.

I originally wrote this article, read it, then re-wrote it as I realized how “mad” I sounded. The lines above were kept as I wanted to convey my personal and extreme frustration with the irresponsible spread of misinformation regarding links to MMR vaccinations and autism. If you are one doubting the saftey and benefits of vaccinations, please read this. A quick legal note: I’m not a doctor – I’m a parent. Always consult your pediatrician or family doctor on proper medical planning for your children.


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