The Puzzle’s Sooner Respite of Epic Magnitude

The following is a tale of epic proportions – the accounting of a brave couple for which they made the intentional decision to pack their 4-year-old and 7-year-old into a minivan and travel millions of miles (OK… hundreds… but it didn’t feel that way) to visit family in a mysterious land far, far away… Oklahoma.

It cannot be said for certain if this story is true or the creative ranting of a man trying to make sense of reality through the practice of fictitious storytelling, but perhaps you will find your own truth in the text that follows… the truth is out there…. (Fox, don’t sue me…)



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Video: Michaela takes us for a ride

We just got back from a vacation to Oklahoma and Gramps allowed some of the cousins to pilot the boat around Lake Murray. Michaela loved it and even felt compelled to… um… move the experience along… (Let’s just say that her observant little eyes figured out what the throttle does…)

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