The “scary” bedtime

MonsterShe quietly crept up the staircase, knowing the “horrors” that could jump out at her at any time. Every step brought her closer to the inevitable fate that awaits her. Finally, the top step is reached and she is faced with a decision: turn to the right into the master bedroom, or turn left and face another gut-wrenching decision of which room to check first. She decides to turn left, but not without encouraging her little sister to go first — presumably to “test the waters.” She hopes the dog will find and warn her of any potential surprises, but the golden retriever just lays in the middle of the floor. She creeps silently into her bedroom, desperately trying not to make the floors creak as she attempts to locate the potential “evil” lurking behind doors and curtains. She slowly peeks behind the door.

Nothing. (more…)

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An interesting thought…a service dog for Michaela

GoldenHmmmmm…a couple of friends from church have mentioned to Chris and I about the possibility on getting an autism service dog for Michaela. For some reason have no idea why I never thought about it. So we have been doing some research this weekend. First, here is a link to the article from NPR  about service dogs in school and the struggles they face.

I also have found a website for Autism Service Dogs. Now, their are a lot of website’s for Autism Service Dogs this is just an example for you to see what we are looking at.

So basically, here is how a service dog can help Michaela: (more…)

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A wonderful day to bounce around the backyard

Big smileBeing goofyKeena enjoying the weatherFunny puppyRunnin' aroundMichaela twirling and Melanie wondering what daddy's doing
Michaela was non-stop kicking and chasing the soccer ballCrashing....Michaela and Melanie

The Opening of "Backyard ’11", a set on Flickr.

We cleaned up the yard and had our inaugural lawn mowing today. Afterward, the girls got to run off a winter’s-worth of energy! Enjoy the photos!

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Ahhhh, yes – a nice day outside

Michaela's Artwork

Keena "guards" Michaela's artwork on the deck.

It’s very nice out today and I was able to send Michaela out into the backyard. She loves to play outside. One of her favorite activities is to color everything with chalk. She has a big tub of colored sidewalk chalk and will go outside and decorate the deck and fence. The fence is a great art canvas – Nana (my mother), during her last visit, taught Michaela how to color and draw on the fence. Now it’s one of her favorite activities.

She also LOVES to play with Keena. They will get to running and Michaela will scream in delight when Keena chases her. It’s nice to have the window open and listen to her play and run in the yard. She loves to feel the wind in her hair (and it is very windy today!) I imagine it’s a tactile stimulation for her.

It’s also nice to watch her relax and get very quiet afterward. 😉


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