Another Halloween bites the dust!

2012 Pumpkins

Our pumpkins for this year’s Halloween. We got quite the response from our logo!

Well, another ghoulish November-eve has come and gone. Everywhere one could look there were ghosts, zombies, Michael Myers, that scary dude from the Scream movies, a Ghostbuster, Spidermans, Batmans, Iron Mans,¬†princesses, a Tinkerbell (or two – can’t remember), and a very well camouflaged kid decked in hunting garb who was annoyed when I joked with him about “not seeing him.” Grandma and poppy joined us for this Halloween, with grandma and Kelli escorting the girls throughout the neighborhood. In all, it was another busy but wonderful Halloween in our neighborhood. (more…)

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Was it a “Trick” or a “Treat” this year for Halloween?

In the beginning of October all the TV shows start talking about Halloween and then we started to see the Halloween commercials. The past several years Michaela wasn’t to sure about the whole Halloween thing. Sometimes it was hard to get a costume on Michaela because it was different and not part of the routine.¬† Plus, when we would walk around the neighborhood Michaela didn’t understand the concept of getting treats from a complete strangers. To Michaela it was just a day we would walk around door to door and then life went on. (more…)

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