Finding My Place in Her Heart

Daddy And Melanie

Daddy And Melanie

Regular readers to this blog know about Melanie’s very independent personality. She loves to do things on her own, never really needs the attention of others, and isn’t much of a “cuddler.” She’s the exact opposite of her sister. She is always testing boundaries and has the most mischievous air about her. She even has a particular way she runs away when she was caught doing something she knows is not acceptable. We call it the “guilt run.” (As in, she’s guilty of the “crime,” not that she feels guilty about perpetrating the act…)

One thing that parents always experience is the “favorites” syndrome. One child will prefer the attention of one parent to another from time to time. Michaela as gone back and forth between mommy and daddy and it has been a healthy and fun “competition” between Kelli and I. But with Melanie, it’s been (in my mind) a bit one-sided. (more…)

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Being Away

Typin' a blog post

With coffee in hand, I type my latest blog post in the lobby of the hotel.

It’s Saturday, around 1pm, and I’m sitting in the lobby of a luxurious hotel in beautiful Orlando, just 15 minutes away from Disney World and listening to the corny elevator music permeating throughout the lobby. I’ve been here for the past 2 days attending a meeting for work. As I wait for the shuttle to the airport to head back home, I’m taking the opportunity to jot some thoughts down to post when I get back. (I don’t usually broadcast that I’m away from home for an extended period of time for fear of social media stalkers taking advantage of my absence from Kelli and girls.) (more…)

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It’s good to get away

Shot from studio

A shot of our engineer recording our guitarist during the studio session.

Some parents have a problem with leaving their children from time to time. In the case of parents of a child with disabilities, this can sometimes be exacerbated and create feelings of guilt from “leaving” their kids with someone else while they take some time to themselves. I believe this is why some marriages struggle (and fail) for parents of special-need children.

We don’t have a single, ever-living problem with leaving our kids with others while we have fun… not one bit….

After the hubbub from the previous couple of weeks, Kelli and I each had an opportunity to get away for a short while — even from each other! (more…)

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