The April round-up: a busy month comes to an end

Well now, that was exciting!

April has been the month of many adventures for our family. (And yes, we’ve been so busy that we haven’t event stopped to post on our blog!) Easter, work meetings, trips to Bloomington, stomach bugs — they were all part of our busy month.

The festivities started with a very busy Easter time. Kelli and I were both involved with many musical aspects of the church. We were blessed to participate in Allisonville’s performance of “The Seven Last Words of Christ” by Théodore Dubois. I manned the first trombone while Kelli took principle clarinet. It was a great concert and pleasant way to blow the dust off my trombone chops. Easter Sunday morning was just as busy with a jazz early service and a large, musical filled Easter Worship.

Melanie throwing a fit

A not-so-happy girl expressing her frustration with having to wear dress shoes.

The girls did fairly well, although Melanie was not happy about having to wear a dress — especially shoes. She had such a meltdown that Kelli felt compelled to documented the experience with several wonderfully hilarious photos. My favorite is a shot of her throwing a fit on the couch. Kelli eventually relented and allowed her to wear her tennis shoes. A girl of style — pretty dress and tennis shoes. Michaela did well and was excited to be dressed up for church. Kelli later did our annual Easter photo shoot and you can see the results on our Flickr page or via the gallery we posted below.


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Easter Photos of the Girls

View this photoset on Flickr.

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Please excuse me for a moment while I scream:

Smoke mask

We're required to wear these masks in order to work in our office. Not the most comfortable headgear I've ever worn.


There, I feel much better. Thanks….

These past couple of weeks have been a real doozy. It all started on last Tuesday (April 5) morning. I felt sick and nauseous so I decided to call in a sick day. Turns out I didn’t need too: there was a fire in the building and all floors were inundated with heavy smoke. Our office on the 10th floor (or “10 West,” as it has been recently known) were among some of the most smoke damaged areas in the building because of the location of the fire and how the smoke moved in the building. We figured we would be out for a couple of days — not so much. Now we are having to temporarily move to new offices for anywhere from 10-90 days while they completely renovate and repair our offices. We’ve been out of the building for over a week and we won’t be able to work in an actual work space until Monday, putting our total time out of the office for two weeks.  We’ve been working from home, but that’s not as easy as it sounds. (more…)

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