Mother’s Day Weekend ER trip

WE can not catch a break!!!!  It has been a roller coaster since beginning of April!!!!! SIGH

On Wednesday, Melanie’s nose started running and she was picking at her ears. She had ear tubes put in March and when their is an ear infection you should be seeing some drainage. Nothing coming from her ears. Thursday she starts coughing at night and was running a low grade fever. The highest it got was 100.8. (more…)

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And the waiting game begins

I can’t say enough how happy I am that the scan is DONE!!!! When I woke up this morning my body was so sore and my muscles ache from being so tensed and nervous about the scan. Then I realized this morning, “yes” getting the scan was not fun at all for Melanie or mommy, but the nerves are really for what the results are going to be! I have this deep down gut feeling that it will be ok and the results will be good, but liked Chris mentioned the “What if’s” keep popping up. 🙁

Thankfully, when I got Melanie (more…)

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The Pediatrician “Curve Ball”

Just as you think you have a grasp on things and everything is working out the way you imagine it, life changes things in a complete instance and throws you a curve ball!

We had Melanie’s 18 month old check up yesterday, it was an emotional visit. Melanie is 30 lbs 3 oz and 34 inches. So this puts her in the 97% for height and weight. When they measured her head circumference it was 99% (I didn’t get the exact measurement.) Our pediatrician showed me the scale they use to track Melanie growth and her head measurements have been off the scale for the past several check ups. So, our pediatrician wanted us to get a CT scan of Melanie’s head to check to see if there is any extra fluid or cysts that could be causing her developmental delays. I was a little thrown back by this, but I have read (more…)

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