Decoding the Mystery Cry

Any parent of a child that is not yet speaking – whether that child is special needs or not – has encountered the “mystery crying.” This phenomenon happens when a child starts to cry and yet you have no idea why. And not just a “tired” cry or a “mad” cry – it’s the “something-is-actually-wrong-or-hurt” type of cry.

Melanie did it twice this morning. (more…)

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The “big girl bed” transition

Well, it’s been day (or should I say, night) three of Melanie vs. the toddler bed and, so far, I’ve been pretty impressed. Melanie seems to be taking to the toddler bed very well.

Last night was a good indicator: she was really tired and really kranky. Since she is so big, we had to ditch the changing table and are now changing her on the floor. She doesn’t like it very much and puts on quite a struggle. Kelli changed her diaper but I read to her to try and calm her down. She wouldn’t have it. (more…)

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