The Puzzle’s Sooner Respite of Epic Magnitude

The following is a tale of epic proportions – the accounting of a brave couple for which they made the intentional decision to pack their 4-year-old and 7-year-old into a minivan and travel millions of miles (OK… hundreds… but it didn’t feel that way) to visit family in a mysterious land far, far away… Oklahoma.

It cannot be said for certain if this story is true or the creative ranting of a man trying to make sense of reality through the practice of fictitious storytelling, but perhaps you will find your own truth in the text that follows… the truth is out there…. (Fox, don’t sue me…)



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Finding My Place in Her Heart

Daddy And Melanie

Daddy And Melanie

Regular readers to this blog know about Melanie’s very independent personality. She loves to do things on her own, never really needs the attention of others, and isn’t much of a “cuddler.” She’s the exact opposite of her sister. She is always testing boundaries and has the most mischievous air about her. She even has a particular way she runs away when she was caught doing something she knows is not acceptable. We call it the “guilt run.” (As in, she’s guilty of the “crime,” not that she feels guilty about perpetrating the act…)

One thing that parents always experience is the “favorites” syndrome. One child will prefer the attention of one parent to another from time to time. Michaela as gone back and forth between mommy and daddy and it has been a healthy and fun “competition” between Kelli and I. But with Melanie, it’s been (in my mind) a bit one-sided. (more…)

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A Mother’s Day Story: Michaela style

I can’t believe it is almost Mother’s Day. Does anyone else feel like it was just Christmas?!! This year is just flying by for me.

Michaela has been telling a lot of stories to Chris and I. It’s fascinating to take a look in to her world to see how she views everything and to make sense of it. Lately, Michaela has been obsessing about going to the doctor, hospital and getting shots. Every little boo-boo Michaela wants to go to the hospital. I asked Michaela if she remembers when she has been to the hospital (1 1/2 years old for throwing up blood and 3 years old when she got hit in the head with a handicap swing.) Thankfully, Michaela only remembered going to the hospital when she was 3 years old and not when she was 1 1/2 years old. (more…)

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Autism Awareness Month is just around the corner!

Yep, April is almost here and that means…AUTISM AWARENESS MONTH!

This month is going to be extremely busy for us!

As everyone knows 😉 April 1st is when Chris and I launched “Life’s Little Puzzle” a year ago! It has been one heck of a year and I am so thankful to have this blog. I never considered myself a writer but writing has helped me so much with this journey with the girls. I believe it is the best therapy for myself in being able to write down my thoughts on what it is like to raise children with autism. I want to say, THANK YOU so much for allowing Chris and I to write down our triumphs and fears. While you are able to read to understand and accept what it is like to have children with autism! (more…)

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I confess…I have playground anxieties

Yes, it has taken me a while to openly admit my anxiety and to deal with this daily fear I have. I feel being open while sharing this with everyone, it could possibly help other parents going through a similar situation and myself to get through this spring and summer.

Getting ready for Michaela's 3rd Birthday party

The back story on why I have this anxiety:

It was Michaela’s 3rd birthday party. We invited Michaela’s preschool class to the local park which turned out to be a very HOT day. Michaela was into Mickey Mouse Clubhouse at the time so we got a bunch of Mickey Mouse party decorations; cups, plates, napkins, table cloths, balloons you get the idea. The plan was to give the children the homemade ice cream cone cupcakes and drinks first, then let the children go to the playground to run off the sugar high before they go home. Brilliant right? (more…)

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