School SuppliesThe time is upon us: Michaela will be starting 1st grade on Wednesday. Kelli and Michaela bought all the school supplies yesterday before I got home from a work trip to Houston. The first thing I heard about from Michaela when I got into the van at the airport was “Daddy, we got my school supplies!”

She wanted to show me everything when we got home but I was pretty tired from the trip and it was past the girls bedtime by the time we got home from the airport so we waited until this morning to inspect the “booty” from Michaela’s pillage across Target. The second I roused from my recuperative slumber, I was shown all the crayons, pencils, glue, markers… you know – that group of stuff that is so fascinating and oddly fun to purchase. Michaela had to show me everything and explain their respective functions.  (more…)

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