1 in 88

1 in 881 in 88. That’s the new figure. The autism world is buzzing (dare I say, panicking) at the new figures released by the Centers for Disease Control on autism diagnosis. That’s up from 1 in 110 since 2009, up 23%. Some are very worried; some are downright scared; most are indifferent; and others are taking a different approach.

I’ve been a part of this community since October of 2010, when Michaela was diagnosed. Melanie was later diagnosed in December of 2011. Kelli and I were compelled to share our experiences and possibly help others going through what we have experienced, so we started this blog. Later came a Facebook page and then our Twitter exposure. I have been blessed to meet many people online who either are parents of children with autism or themselves have autism. Our driving passion is to bring awareness of autism to the world, to find ways to fund and encourage research, and to educate parents about the symptoms of ASD with the hope that those who have children with autism can receive an early diagnosis and begin treatment and therapies sooner.

The daunting conclusion of many from hearing this news is that autism is on the rise — that something is causing more cases of autism. While I don’t discount this possibility, I believe there is a more positive sign behind this news: (more…)

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Autism Awareness Month is just around the corner!

Yep, April is almost here and that means…AUTISM AWARENESS MONTH!

This month is going to be extremely busy for us!

As everyone knows ūüėČ April 1st is when Chris and I launched “Life’s Little Puzzle” a year ago! It has been one heck of a year and I am so thankful to have this blog. I never considered myself a writer but writing has helped me so much with this journey with the girls. I believe it is the best therapy for myself in being able to write down my thoughts on what it is like to raise¬†children¬†with autism. I want to say, THANK YOU so much for allowing Chris and I to write down our¬†triumphs¬†and fears. While you are able to read to understand and accept what it is like to have children with autism! (more…)

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It’s that time of year- Window Safety

It’s officially spring time which means summer is just around the corner! The temperatures are warming up, bring in rain showers and thunderstorm. This makes everyone antzy to be outside and to open up the house to bring in fresh air!

Very Scary!!

Parent of children with autism have to be extra aware of safety concerns at home and outside especially when the windows are open. Yes, all parents must be aware but most children with autism do not have the inner safety awareness they can’t stop their impulse to touch the window screens and climb out the windows. (more…)

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New Autism Diagnosing Criteria “Good” or “Bad”?

Currently right now DSM-4 is being followed to diagnose autism. A new¬†criteria¬†DSM-5¬†will be used to diagnose autism with some changes in 2013. The changes will be that¬†Aspergers and¬†Pervasive Developmental Disorder-not otherwise specified (PDD-NOS) will be in the same¬†category with Autism Spectrum Disorder. So they all will be lumped together have the same name. Then there will be new levels to¬†describe the¬†functioning¬†and severity of a person with autism. (more…)

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Yep, I’m getting nervous

I can’t believe Melanie’s developmental pediatrician appointment is just 2 weeks away, December 1st. I worked so hard to get this appointment starting in April. I waited 2 months to just get the paperwork, then I filled out TONS of paperwork, sending ALL the paperwork back in, waiting for a call about the appointment then learning about the LONG waiting list, and I called once a month checking with the scheduler to see where we were on the waiting list to be called for an appointment. Every time I saw our pediatrician she would ask me if we had an appointment yet. Sigh…so frustrating. (more…)

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