What does autistic looks like?

A couple days ago a well known rapper, 50 Cent made a remark on his twitter page in a response to a tweet saying, “yeah just saw your picture fool you look autistic.”  Naturally this caused a lot of emotion within the autism community and upset many fans.

Holly Robinson Peete, an actress and respected autism advocate, immediately wrote a letter to 50 Cent urging him to realize the damage in using the word “autistic” by possibly turning it into a negative insult. (more…)

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Autism Positivity Day 2012 Flash Blog #IWishIDidn’tHaveAspergers

Autism Positive 2012 Flash Blog

A couple weeks ago within the autism community someone came up with the idea of creating a flash blog. Just like the flash mobs you see around the world. If you are not familiar to what is a flash mob here is the Autism Awareness Day Flash Mob that happened this year on April 2nd.

What started this idea is someone was desperate and was trying to find information on “I wish I didn’t have Aspergers.” So the creators for the Autism Positivity Day  flash blog wanted all bloggers to blog about the positive side of autism on April 30th and tweet the hash tag #IWishIDidn’tHaveAspergers with a positive message. This way all the blogs and tweets will flood the search engines for this individual and others searching to know, not to loose hope there is help and support out there! (more…)

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New Autism Diagnosing Criteria “Good” or “Bad”?

Currently right now DSM-4 is being followed to diagnose autism. A new criteria DSM-5 will be used to diagnose autism with some changes in 2013. The changes will be that Aspergers and Pervasive Developmental Disorder-not otherwise specified (PDD-NOS) will be in the same category with Autism Spectrum Disorder. So they all will be lumped together have the same name. Then there will be new levels to describe the functioning and severity of a person with autism. (more…)

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Audio podcast: Delving the depths of an un-dairy diet


Milk: it does a body good... for most people.

Aside from my love for alliterative blog post titles, it’s no secret that I enjoy radio journalism. I listen every morning and afternoon during my 30-minute commute. With as much music as I practice, perform and listen to, I usually keep my car radio on NPR to listen to talk radio. The other night after band rehearsal, I was listening to Sound Medicine from Indiana University and caught their autism special. It was very fascinating.

Many of the stories were very informative but one stuck out for me. The story of Laura and Mike Williamson and their son, Pip. Pip was diagnosed with autism around the age of three. The parents spoke of the emotional road of diagnosis and treatment when they stumbled upon the possibility that dairy was contributing to Pip’s condition. (more…)

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What is it like to have a typical child?

I have no clue! Before we got Michaela’s diagnosis and even when she was little we thought this was normal and typical. Being first time parents we had no idea what was normal and on track. We thought everything was fine. Now looking back I can see the signs but just had no clue. I read an article about how much stress is on parents with autistic child can compare to combat soldiers stress. (The article talks about mothers but lets face it fathers go through the same thing!!) (more…)

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