The purpose of this web site is to share our experiences as parents of a child with autism and try to provide meaningful resources for people who care for children with autism. Some content on this site was created by others and we felt it could be useful to our readers. We make no guarantee as to the accuracy of the content we present, but we do use our best judgment, experiences, and plain ‘ole common sense to determine its validity. Whenever possible, we try to cite our sources. If you see a problem with something, be sure to let us know!

We are NOT doctors or professionals in the area of autism.

We do not claim to have the answers you need in regards to autism spectrum disorder. We are simply parents of children that have been diagnosed with autism. Our blog is intended for us to share the experiences with our children to the wider world. Any recommendations, actions or methods described in our blog are strictly based on the experiences of our children and may not be appropriate for other parents to try with their child.

We highly recommend consulting with your family doctor, pediatrician or therapist before attempting any techniques or practices described on our web site. We are not responsible for any actions or results from therapy or techniques described on our web site.

Commenting on Life’s Little Puzzle

We love conversation and we want you to be involved with our family and experiences. We do, however, want to make clear that this is a family web site and the language should reflect as such. We do not allow excessive cursing or hate speech. Links to promote products and advertisements will not be allowed. Conversation and opinions are always welcome and we will be glad to engage with everyone who has thoughtful and meaningful dialogue to present to the greater community.

Oh, and one last thing: we reserve the right to decide what get’s published and/or removed. It’s our site so we can do as we please!

Site Design

Our web site was designed and themed by Chris. Some components of the site are based on systems created by Elegant Themes, Inc. and were kept in this design as legacy functions within the content. The puzzle logo contained in the header of this site was designed by Chris Higgins, is copyright of, and cannot be used for any medium without the express written permission of Kelli or Chris Higgins.

Why the puzzle pieces as a logo?

Autism awareness groups use the puzzle pieces as a symbol of autism. They represent how each child is a unique puzzle, with several elements and “pieces” that are difficult to piece together, but produce a beautiful picture when completed. There is always that one “missing piece” that mandates more research and continued understanding to solve this mysterious condition.