An “improvised” Thanksgiving

First, I’d like to say that this was a wonderful Thanksgiving. No trips, no stress — just the family: Michaela, Melanie, Kelli, Keena, and myself. We had decided to keep it low-key this year in order to minimize stress and to just enjoy our own company.

Keena Napping

Keena figured out Thanksgiving a long time ago.

The day started innocent enough: a big Thanksgiving breakfast prepared by daddy. Followed by some play time, watching a movie, and a small lunch to keep us going until dinner. Kelli and I watched a movie together while the girls took their usual afternoon naps. After the movie, mommy started to make some holiday cookies and began the process by pre-heating the oven. Then the unthinkable for a Thanksgiving holiday happened:

* ZAP! * (more…)

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Hot Buttered Rum… er… uh… Milk

Don’t let the title throw you: this stuff is great with both items. It’s a recipe from my mother to spice up some rum on a cold autumn or winter evening. It’s also great to sweeten some milk for the younger that can’t have the more high-octane ingredients. (It always reminds me of that oh-so-good sweetened milk that you drank after a bowl of sweet cereal, except with a more sophisticated flavor.) (more…)

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By Royal Command; Spice Sugar Cookies Recipe

Princess Michaela has commanded me to make her cookies shaped like pumpkins. (Michaela is dressing-up as Cinderella for Halloween this year. She is getting into character and learning to play the role.) Many years ago, I found the spice sugar cookie recipe online and I love it. These cookies are awesome for any type of cutter cookies you want. I usually double the recipe because when I cut out the cookies I like to make them thick. (more…)

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Chicken and Wild Rice Soup

This is a family favorite and another culinary creation from Kelli’s mom. This recipe makes a TON of soup and it keeps well for a couple of days. It takes a bit of time to make but it’s an easy cook. A nice crusty bread goes well with this soup. Of course, good ‘ole saltines are awesome to help warm up the spirit on a cool night!¬†Enjoy! (more…)

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Recipe: Baked Chimi’s

Time once again for another installment of one of Chris’ culinary delights. Tonight’s show will feature baked chimichangas. This recipe originally came from Kelli’s mom, who saw this recipe in a light cooking magazine. I’ve tweaked it from time to time to what it is today, but it’s pretty close to the original.

This is a ridiculously simple recipe that can feed a small army. I like to make this if I don’t want to cook much but still want a nice, hot, homemade meal that didn’t come out of a box. (more…)

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