Our blog posts contain a plethora of subjects that some might find helpful and others might find just plain odd. In order to help make sense of our content, we’ve decided to categorize our work into some basic categories.

Family Updates

A nice collection of “what’s happenin'” posts in the life of the Higgins family.

Advocacy and Awareness

Kelli and I are developing a stronger desire to be more active as advocates to those who don’t know enough about or are just discovering the world of autism spectrum disorders. These posts are a collection of articles, op-eds, and resources in the realm of autism advocacy.

Links and Resources

In our never-ending desire to learn more about autism, we’ve run across some great resources and links. Whenever we find these resources, we try to blog about them so others can benefit from the knowledge. We’ve collected all the blog posts that contain autism resources into this category.


We love to take photos of the girls. We have a Flickr site that contains close to 900 photos dating back to 2006 but we also post photos in our blog, sometimes with an interesting back-story. We’ve collected such posts in this category.


Nothing beats a good video. We post videos of the girls as well as excellent resource regarding autism.


Yes, recipes. Chris loves to cook and loves to experiment with recipes and shares them in some posts. Warning for those looking for gluten- or casine-free options: these are not recipes for anyone on a special diet. These are just a collection of some of our favorite meals.