Autism AwarenessKelli offered a workshop at the 2014 Quadrennial Women’s Assembly in Atlanta on June 26 to a wonderful group interested in making their church and congregation more accepting and friendly to families of children with autism. Below are some resources and links discussed in the workshop.

Thank you to all for a wonderful discussion!

If you have any questions about this material or would like for Kelli and Chris to present at your place of worship, please contact us.

Presentation Materials

Links to Resources

  •  Autism Society of “Allies” are a great resource on education and how to start the process of your congregation becoming special-needs friendly.
  • Easter Seals Respite: giving caretakers breaks. “Parent’s Day Out”
  • Autism Speakswww.autismspeaks.orgGeneral information and national/local advocacy as well as information for faith-based organizations.

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