Children say the funniest and most profound things sometimes. Our child is no exception. Below are some of the favorites tidbits from Michaela’s mind.

An exchange between Chris and Michaela (bearing in mind that due to rain on Halloween night, trick or treating was moved to the next evening):

Chris: “better clean your room or no trick or treating.”
Michaela: “OK!” (off she goes upstairs to clean)
5 minutes later….
Michaela: “it’s done!”
Chris: “Really? If I go upstairs right now, I’ll see that your room is clean?”
Michaela: “Yeah…. um… will you be checking the closet?”
Chris: “Well, now that you mention it, yes. Yes, I will.”
Michaela: “*GASP* Oh no!” (she runs upstairs)
Chris: “LOL!”


The Saturday before her birthday, we had a “big breakfast:” a tradition of daddy preparing a large breakfast and we all sit and eat together. Michaela decided she needed to pray. We all bowed our heads and listened carefully as towards the end of her invocation she adds:

“And God, please don’t be afraid of my birthday. OK? Amen.”


We were preparing Michaela for a trip to Bloomington to see her grandparents and great-grandparents. We were telling her that she was stinky (which usually menas she’s not stinky, it;s just time to have a bath):

Daddy: “We need to take a bath tonight, OK?”

Michaela: “So grandma and poppy can smell me?”


Michaela was working on her speech homework.

Kelli asked Michaela, “What is healthier; a green bean or a jelly bean?”

Michaela replied, “a jelly bean!”

Kelli asked “Why?”

Michaela plainly said, “because I like to eat jelly beans!!”


As Kelli was getting a very cranky and crying Melanie ready for bed and daddy was in Michaela’s room getting ready to read to Michaela, mommy exclaimed “Oh crap!” from Melanie’s room as she accidentally got Desitin on her shirt. Michaela got up, ran to Melanie’s door and exclaimed:

“Oh no! Daddy, we have a problem…”

Melanie tripped one day and bruised her eye on the edge of the couch. Of course, there was a big drama and crying but nothing serious. Later that day, Michaela was tired and laying with daddy in the living room (8/2/2011):

Daddy to a very tired Michaela: “Looks like someone ‘hit a wall.'”

Michaela: “No, but Melanie hit the couch.”

While daddy was telling “bye” to Michaela one morning before leaving work:

“Bye, daddy! Be very careful and listen to your friends at work.”

In the van coming home from church one day, a very rotten-egg smell was encountered by the family vehicle (7/3/2011):

“Mommy, what’s that smell? Is that YOU?”

On the Space Shuttle (she really likes to watch them launch on YouTube:)

“We need a new one.”