dictionaryMelanie has recently been experiencing a vast increase in her vocabulary. We like to call it a “word explosion.” For the past month we have been noticing either new words or words she knew becoming more clear. The last month has seen a big increase. It’s very encouraging!

Just the other day, as I was preparing her for nap time, she flat out told me “no pj’s.” Normally I would dismiss such a clearly understandable phrase as coincidental gibberish but given her recent word explosion and the fact she made this pronouncement as I was about to have her put on her PJs I’m pretty certain it was intentional. It somewhat startled me – in a good way, of course!

Some other words that she has recently added to her repertoire (and uses them in proper context): “car,” “fish,” “no,” “water,” “hungry,” “ostrich,” (yes… the bird… ) “more,” “OK,” “bye,” “oh no,” “tired,” “mommy” which comes out “em-may,” “dad,” “cow” (and then will say “moo,”) most of the colors, letters, some numbers, and “meg-a-ella-ella” which is “Michaela.” (That last one always makes me smile!)

There are rumors and stories that Albert Einstein did not start speaking until he was four years old, giving rise to the additional rumors that he was autistic, possibly someone with Aspergers. Temple Grandin (whom those in the autism community would know well) also did not speak until she was four years old. While I cannot confirm those myths, I do like to think that my daughter may one day, armed with a vast vocabulary, discover the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything.  (Or write hilarious science fiction comedy.)

Of course, with this explosion of words comes the ability for Melanie to tell us how she really feels about things. She has gotten to be pretty sassy. She loves to tell us “no” whenever we tell her to stop doing something she shouldn’t – knowing full well that we know she know’s she is doing something wrong. Not exactly a word but definitely funny when she uses it: “Shhh!” If we tell her something to do she doesn’t agree with, she will tell us to “shhhh.”

But at this point, as long as she is using her words, she can be as sassy as she likes.