Yes, yes… we haven’t posted anything in a while. Kelli’s been trying to gear herself up for getting back in the habit by posting older blog articles on Facebook and I simply haven’t had time. It’s been a busy six months! (Yes… it’s been six months…)

So, what’s been happening, you ask? Michaela finished her 1st grade year and Melanie finished her first year of pre-school. I’m busy at work (as usual) and Kelli keeps busy with church and raising the girls (as usual.)

Michaela has made some great improvements in the last six months. She is a much better reader, is in more control of some of her impulses and anxieties and generally her behavior has improved. She’s showing more independence as she will play in her room by herself or enjoy some computer games on the Disney Junior web site. One of the bigger improvements has been her fear of the fire alarm. She used to be terrified of it. Now, while still scary and not her favorite thing in the world, she is able to cope with fire drills and is in better control than the beginning of the school year.

Melanie is also showing some great signs of improvement. She’s trying to use more words (like “done,” “more,” “water”) and seems to understand and communicate with us better. She’s an independent eater and we just started removing sippy cups from the kitchen. She’s starting to show more affection by randomly approaching one of us and giving us hugs and “kisses.” (Kisses in quotes as they are not a typical kiss – kisses for Melanie are her pressing her forehead against your lips – pretty darn cute if you ask me.)

There’s lot’s more to talk about and more stories to come (as soon as I get Kelli’s writer’s block to go away) so I’ll leave you now with a Flickr set of our most recent photos. Enjoy!