School SuppliesThe time is upon us: Michaela will be starting 1st grade on Wednesday. Kelli and Michaela bought all the school supplies yesterday before I got home from a work trip to Houston. The first thing I heard about from Michaela when I got into the van at the airport was “Daddy, we got my school supplies!”

She wanted to show me everything when we got home but I was pretty tired from the trip and it was past the girls bedtime by the time we got home from the airport so we waited until this morning to inspect the “booty” from Michaela’s pillage across Target. The second I roused from my recuperative slumber, I was shown all the crayons, pencils, glue, markers… you know – that group of stuff that is so fascinating and oddly fun to purchase. Michaela had to show me everything and explain their respective functions. 

Kelli did a ton of prep for her first day this morning: called the school to get her student information, put money on her lunch account, confirmed her bus. It’s almost as if Kelli wants Michaela to go back  to school! 😉

The other day was an open house at the school. Michaela had an opportunity to see her room and meet her new teacher. That was just the spark she needed to get really excited and she’s bee talking about it ever since. It will be fun watching her transition to a full day schedule. She hasn’t been taking naps in the afternoon but she does have a “quiet time.” With that time now being replaced with schoolwork, she might be coming home a little 6-year-old zombie.

In any case, we are excited for her and know she will do well. Her new teacher seems very professional, very pleasant, and Michaela seems to like her. It should be a good school year for our big girl!