Just in case you didn’t know, Pinterest is an addictive creative site for anyone! A while back I found this idea for a sensory water bag. I showed it to Melanie’s speech therapist last week and she said let’s do it!

During Melanie’s therapy session today with her speech and occupational therapist, we put together the sensory water bag! You will need:

  • thick, clear plastic tarp (like painters tarp)
  • duct tape
  • water
  • food coloring
  • small cheap toys: balls, animals, shiny necklaces, glitter (if you are brave)


The plastic was bought at Home Depot which comes in a big roll. So just cut the size you want. Line up the edges to apply the duct tape. We applied several layers of duct tap all around the edges to get a good seal on it.

Look Melanie is helping! (you can see the plastic roll behind Melanie near the toys)


Once you get the three sides duct taped put the toys in the bag. Then seal up the last side. Make sure you leave an opening of 2 inches to put the water in.


Putting the toys in


Take it outside to add the water.


Adding water


Next add in the food coloring with the water to help spread it around. We used blue food coloring but you can use any color.


Adding blue food coloring


When you put in the amount of water you want seal the edge with duct tape. If you have some leaks just use more duct tape to patch it up.


It's finished!


It feels cold and squishy. Melanie liked finding all the toys.


Melanie approves!


When you add in the water make sure that is where you want the sensory bag because it is extremely heavy to move!


Michaela also approves!


This was a simple project that cost no more than $10 and took about 45 minutes to put together. We will see how long it will last! Enjoy! 🙂