First day in kindergarten

Today is Michaela’s last day of kindergarten. I don’t know about you but for me, this school year has flown by! Michaela had the most wonderful and understanding kindergarten teacher this year. We couldn’t of asked for anyone better.

When Michaela goes to school, she has is infectious personality that everyone wants to be around and everyone in school knows her. Getting Michaela’s IEP in place was one of the reasons this school year was successful along with all the support she has received.

Michaela had support from her:

    • kindergarten teacher
    • assistant kindergarten teacher
    • special education teacher
    • assistant special education teacher
    • speech therapist
    • school principle
    • occupational therapist

We are so proud of all Michaela’s hard work and accomplishments from kindergarten. Michaela has mastered all the kindergarten requirements along with some above average scores. She is able to read simple books. Michaela can count up to 100 and do some simple addition and subtraction problems. She has been working very hard with her speech therapist on having a conversation. Michaela in the beginning of the year would tell you her whole story in one big breath and sentence. Today, she is asking more precise questions and giving good answers. Michaela will come home singing tons of school songs and she loves to play the rhyming game from school with us (when you see Michaela next, ask to play this game with her.) She would love it!! 🙂

In the beginning of the school year Michaela did have some small issues with talking in a loud voice, not waiting her turn, and disrupting the teacher during story time. At the end of the year Michaela has learn a lot of patience. Michaela’s teachers have been giving her a lot of techniques in class to help. Michaela has a flashcard she will raise if she wants to answer a question. Then the teacher would call on Michaela for the answer, instead of Michaela immediately answering the questions.

Here is an email from Michaela’s kindergarten teacher telling us how well she is doing in class.

 I wanted to tell you about a little  “happy” from yesterday.

As you know, Michaela has been listening to daily social stories about coming into the room quietly and working.  She has also been working on raising her hand and waiting her turn before talking.  Yesterday, she came in the room after speech, went straight to her cubby, quietly put away her folder, then joined the rest of the class on the carpet for the story we were reading.  She did not need any redirection or reminders.  She did this without any hesitation and then listened to the rest of the story without any talking or moving.

She also did a great job in her journal.  We were reading The Berenstain Bears and Too Much Junk Food when she joined the class.  I asked the students to write about their favorite snack food in their journals after the story.  She wrote:  I like yogrt.!

She used an upper case letter to start her sentence, put spaces between her words and sounded out “yogrt” all by herself!

I just thought you would enjoy hearing about her great day.

Michaela has also shown improvement with the fire alarms. Beginning of the year she would have a complete meltdown during the fire alarm drills. According to her teachers these past few months Michaela would be upset during the fire alarm and have her hands over her ears. Now they say, Michaela is able to walk outside with her class then come back into the building with her class. Huge improvement!

Michaela's last day of kindergarten

Chris and I did have an informal meeting last week with Michaela’s kindergarten teacher, special education teacher, new 1st grade teacher and school principle to go over the plan for Michaela’s transition into 1st grade. This meeting went really well. We talked about how Michaela’s new 1st grade teacher is going to co-teach with Michaela’s special education teacher. We also discuss some concerns we have with Michaela having lunch at school since 1st grade is a full day at school. Michaela’s school principle suggested we bring Michaela in for lunch to help her be familiar with the room and we did. Michaela did a great job! This will just be a matter of getting her into a routine of eating lunch at school and not being distracted with the other children. We also talked about my concerns with Michaela on the playground– about not having any swing etiquette along with wandering off the playground.

Our school district this fall is starting with new balance calendar this year. We will have 2 weeks for fall and spring break along with a 2 month summer break. Michaela’s first day in 1st grade is August 1st–69 days away…..but who’s counting! 😉

Let the summer fun begin!!