I can’t believe it is almost Mother’s Day. Does anyone else feel like it was just Christmas?!! This year is just flying by for me.

Michaela has been telling a lot of stories to Chris and I. It’s fascinating to take a look in to her world to see how she views everything and to make sense of it. Lately, Michaela has been obsessing about going to the doctor, hospital and getting shots. Every little boo-boo Michaela wants to go to the hospital. I asked Michaela if she remembers when she has been to the hospital (1 1/2 years old for throwing up blood and 3 years old when she got hit in the head with a handicap swing.) Thankfully, Michaela only remembered going to the hospital when she was 3 years old and not when she was 1 1/2 years old.

But Michaela then remembered another time when she went to the hospital, this is her story.

“Remember, I went to the hospital when Grandma and Poppy got me from my old school. Then they walked me calmly down the hall. I see my daddy. Walk in to a room. Remember, someone came out of mommy stomach and then there was a baby, (this part was whispered into my ear.) Her name was Melanie Jane Higgins. My mommy hold me then I got to hold Melanie. Then daddy walked me out of the hospital and gave me pizza.”

So sweet, I love my girls!! Michaela has been working very hard at school this year to learn how to tell stories! I am so proud of Michaela for all her accomplishment she has made. This is the true meaning of Mother’s Day!

Mommy and Melanie

Michaela and Mommy

Happy Mother’s Day to all the AWESOME mommies!