My mom is finding out that she likes to write. Mom has been a kindergarten teacher for over 30 years and is absolutely wonderful with children. Plus she is one of  my biggest supporters when it comes to the girls. Mom and I have gotten closer when I had the girls and even more close when the girls were diagnoised with autism. Here is a short story mom wrote for Michaela to be shared for autism awareness month!

My Rainbow

by: Debbie VanDeventer

She is a rainbow child…..

She noticed her first rainbow in the sky after a stormy afternoon. She was afraid of the sound of the raindrops on the window, but in the stillness that followed the first rainbow appeared to her. Now rainbows are everywhere. A night light projects a rainbow on her ceiling to lull her to sleep each night. The weight of a rainbow colored patch work quilt that was made for her mommy many rainbows ago now wraps her in comfort. Rainbow letters are lined up very neatly in order on the bathtub wall. The “K” is missing and we can’t go on until we find it and put it where it belongs. ”Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet”, she says as she draws brightly colored arcs with her crayons making sure that each color of the rainbow is in its proper place.

She is a child of magic and imagination…..

Dressed in a tutu and tiara she pirouettes around the room on tiptoe. She loves Disney princesses and wants to watch her favorites on television over and over again until the lines from the movies enter into her everyday conversation. She loves the people in her world and counts how many “nite-nites” it will be before she gets to spend the night with Grandma and Poppy. The Wheels on the Bus is one of her favorite bedtime songs and she makes sure that Grandma does all the motions! She can’t wait until Monday morning when the school bus takes her to see her friends at school. “The bus is too noisy”, she says and she covers her ears as she rides to kindergarten.

She is a child of wonder and curiosity…..

The world overwhelms her, yet intrigues her at the same time. In a rare moment of stillness I catch her frozen by the window starring out at the bird feeder. “Shh, Grandma…Look the squirrel is eating the seeds!” , she whispers. Another day we visit the zoo, but the animals go by in a blur as we race past at her preferred pace. The dolphins capture her attention for a moment or two, and then we are off again. Her wise and patient parents have learned to interpret the signals that indicate it is time to go. Short trips are best, but she returns to the zoo often to embrace the world around her.

She is my granddaughter….

The first child of my first child,

A child of magic and imagination,

A child of wonder and curiosity,

A child of Autism.

A beautiful mixture of rain and sunlight bursting into brilliant color that takes my breath away.

She is my rainbow.

Michaela and Grandma