ūüôā ¬†With all the excitement building up to Christmas we found our way through it! We really did have a wonderful “low key” Christmas this year which was really nice. Last week before Christmas, Michaela was on complete overdrive for most of the week. As you all know, she was the keeper of the Advent calendar and she was counting down the days until Christmas Eve.

When it was finally Christmas Eve Michaela put the last candy cane on the Advent calendar. I seriously thought Michaela was going to explode with¬†excitement! Michaela knew Santa was on his way so she was a very good listener all day! (Why can’t Santa come everyday, so all the children will be on their best behavior?) Chris showed Michaela the NORAD Santa tracker. Michaela was fascinated watching Santa flying around the world.

When it was time to get ready for our Christmas Eve service at church, Michaela was a little confused since it wasn’t Sunday plus we were getting ready in the afternoon and not the typical Sunday morning.

Before we left to go to church, Chris took some picture of the girls in their Christmas Eve dresses. Out of the blue Melanie started to become a camera hog. When we would say cheese, Melanie would squint her eyes and give this huge goofy smile!! Now she does it all the time and will even pose for a picture a couple of times! SO CUTE!


We eventually made it to church. Chris and I played in the¬†orchestra during the pre-concert service. We had a friend help watch Michaela for us. Michaela did very well during the pre-concert service, she was a little wiggly but Michaela was able to listen to Chris and I play which was really nice. Then she wanted to stay in the nursery during the rest of the service. I figured since there wasn’t a lot of little children in the nursery I didn’t want to push it with Michaela since the routine this night was completely¬†different.¬†¬†Far as Melanie was concerned, she could of cared less about being at church at night and went along with everything.

I did however want Michaela to see the candlelight part of the service so I went back to get her and I asked Michaela if she wanted to see the candles. She told me, “no thanks.” Michaela was having a blast playing with all the children. But eventually Michaela decided she wanted to see the candles. Literally, Michaela looked through the church doors going into the¬†sanctuary saw all the candles being lit then she was done and wanted to go back to the nursery! (I’m thinking “OK” at least she saw some candles) I headed back into the service to sit with Chris soon as we got done singing “Silent Night” just about two seconds of silent after the song, the back door exit to the¬†sanctuary door alarm started going off!! I bolted out of the sanctuary to check on Michaela since she is terrified of fire alarms. Thankfully, the alarm was only going off in the¬†sanctuary¬†and not the rest of the church so she had no idea. When the service was over we had to quickly leave with the girls since we are down to one working vehicle (Chris’s car is dead to the world in front of our house so all we have right now is the van) and Chris had to be back at church before the 11pm service (we live about 45¬†minutes¬†from the church.)¬†So Chris drops the girls and I at home then takes off to head back to church.


Michaela picked out 2 Christmas cookies we made to put on our special Santa cookie plate. Then Michaela picked out a special Christmas mug for Santa’s hot¬†chocolate. I finally got the girls upstairs to get ready for bed with their new Christmas Pj’s. Melanie was easy. She was¬†completely¬†exhausted from all the playing in the nursery and quickly went to bed. Michaela was a ball of energy excited to see if Santa would come by the morning. She got into her Christmas Pj’s and we read¬†Twas the Night Before Christmas. I was able to get Michaela into bed and I could tell she was very tired but very excited. I headed downstairs to do some last minute wrapping presents and cleaning the downstairs to get ready for Santa. I could hear Michaela rolling around upstairs so I had to wait for a while before bringing down the Santa presents. Chris didn’t get home until 1am.

Around 8am, Michaela comes busting into our room (which I thought it was amazing she waited that long.)¬†Michaela was very excited in telling us that Santa came!!!!!!!! ¬†She explained Santa ate all the cookies and drank all the hot¬†chocolate then left presents. Chris and I were half awake so we told Michaela give us 5 minutes then we will get up and head downstairs. Next thing I know, Michaela comes busting back into our room with a present from Santa¬†(Chris and I made sure we had the baby gate up at the top of the stairs so Michaela had to of taken it down!!) I asked Michaela, “did you go downstairs?” She said in a confident voice, “yes.” (I forgot to tell Michaela when she went to bed that she needed to wait in the morning for all of us to go downstairs to see if Santa was here) I have to say it was rather cute to see how excited she was. We eventually headed downstairs and¬†miraculously she didn’t touch anything or open any presents!

Then it was time to open the presents. Melanie wanted nothing to do with opening the presents this year. She wouldn’t even try to open them and she would run away if we tried to help her. I remember Michaela didn’t want to open presents when she was 2 years old so I’m not worried. Melanie will get it next year and will want to open them on her own.

The Christmas morning scene

We had a “sensory” Santa presents this year for the girls. Melanie got a play tent with tunnel, small hand held ¬†massage toy, wooden shape sorter, beads maze, sensory stack nesting boxes, geared caterpillar, farm animal puzzle, and many more wonderful sensory toys. Michaela got a plastic pin art, noise tube, My Little Pony’s, rainbow¬†calendar, horse barn with horses, basket with a tea set, a big girl desk with plenty of room for coloring, and many more toys.¬†I also got The Out of Sync Child¬†by Carol Kranowitz. This book mainly talks about sensory processing disorder which a lot of autistic children have. This book gives a lot of ideas on how help the children with there sensory issues. Then one of Chris’s presents was¬†“Temple Grandin” dvd. This movie is about Temple Grandin’s life on how she had to learned coping skills with her autism to accomplish many achievements. This movie really shows what it is like to be autistic and will help others understand autism more.

On a side note: I also got a new Nikon Coolpix S9100 camera for Christmas! This camera takes awesome pictures and video. Which I know you all will be seeing the products of this camera on our blog!

My parents came over after “quiet time” on Christmas. Michaela was excited and told Grandma and Poppy everything that happened during morning in about one minute! ūüôā We eventually opened another round of presents then later started to watch the movie “White Christmas.” The girls were less than impressed with the movie classic and just played with their new toys. Since the weather was unusually¬†warm this year for dinner Chris and I decided to grill out pork chops. Then Chris made his mushroom risotto with¬†Gorgonzola¬†salad. We had a wonderful dinner with Grandma and Poppy. Later that night we could tell the girls were tired and they had a wonderful Christmas!

Melanie finally sleeping

The next day we took our time and headed to my grandparents house for another round of Christmas. We had an excellent lunch with ham and a bunch of sides. Knowing that Melanie wasn’t going to take a nap because of all the excitement Chris and I were holding our breath to see how she would do. Melanie did wonder around the house for a while. She still didn’t want to open presents but she liked to play with the toys. Melanie favorite item to play with was a bright yellow kitchen sponge with a bright green soap in the handle. She liked to rub the sponge on her feet and hands. At ¬†one point I needed to take her back to a quite room for a sensory break because she was getting overwhelmed. I tried to get her to go to sleep but it was a huge “no go.” So after about 20 minutes we headed back to the living room with everyone else. Melanie roamed around the room again and about 5 minutes later she was laying down on top of some wrapping paper fast asleep in the middle of the room!! I knew she was really tired!

Overall, we had a wonderful Christmas with our family. It was really nice to be home all day on Christmas and not have to pack up and go somewhere. The girls did very well with all the excitement! I can’t wait for Christmas next year and I look forward to the New Year!