In the beginning of October all the TV shows start talking about Halloween and then we started to see the Halloween commercials. The past several years Michaela wasn’t to sure about the whole Halloween thing. Sometimes it was hard to get a costume on Michaela because it was different and not part of the routine.  Plus, when we would walk around the neighborhood Michaela didn’t understand the concept of getting treats from a complete strangers. To Michaela it was just a day we would walk around door to door and then life went on.

Melanie's ladybug costume

Sunday evening we were able to go to the Allisonville Christian Church Fall Festival. This was Michaela’s first time being able to dress up this year. Michaela was consistent on wanting to dress up as Cinderella which is a first. Melanie on the other hand, didn’t want anything to do with her ladybug costume. We had this costume when Michaela was little. I started getting Melanie ready about 3 hours before going to church knowing it would take her a while to warm up to the idea of having the costume on.

Let me tell you it was hysterical to see Melanie throwing a fit when I put the tutu on her. Melanie was bouncing up and down then throwing her self down on the floor. All I could do was watch and laugh, because Melanie looked so adorable in the costume while throwing her fit. Melanie didn’t appreciate I was laughing and that made it worse!! 🙂

Both girls had a wonderful time at the Fall Festival. Michaela liked looking at all the decorations from the “Trunk or Treat”  plus getting candy. (Which by the way, we never give the girls candy or sweet treats unless it is a special occasion. Because I swear, if either of the girls smell or taste sugar they get even more hyper and literally start climbing up the walls. While it is exciting to get all the special treats, we are very careful on how much we allow Michaela and Melanie to eat.) Michaela also like the hayride to get a pumpkin in the field. Then she was able to come back and decorate her pumpkin.

Another big hit was the campfire. They had hot dogs and Smore’s for everyone to participate to make. Michaela did very well around the fire. She knew not to go near it because fire is hot and can hurt you. Melanie on the other hand had no concept about the fire dangers. When I was standing next to the fire, I could feel how hot the fire was to the point of making me want to step away- it was that hot of a fire. With Melanie being hypo-sensitive, I don’t think Melanie could feel (sensory wise) how hot the fire was. Because, if Melanie had the chance she would of jumped the stone circle around the fire and get in the middle of the fire! Melanie was so mesmerized with the fire flames that she couldn’t tell that it was a danger and to stay away from it.

This year was different for Michaela since she was very excited about Halloween. Michaela understands now you say “trick or treat,”  and then you receive a treat. She kinda got the concept last year but this year was totally different. Michaela almost every morning would ask me if she could go “trick or treating.” I would tell her no and we would count down the days until Halloween. Finally, I was able to tell Michaela, “YES, you can go trick or treating tonight!” 🙂

Halloween candy to pass out, Halloween Mac and Cheese, and Halloween homemade pumpkin cookie

When Michaela got home from school she was literally bouncing with excitement. It was hard to get Michaela to calm down. I knew if I couldn’t it would be a recipe for a disaster later that night. I eventually convinced her to relax for a while. For our Halloween dinner, I found some Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Halloween box at Target. It had pumpkins, bats and ghosts noodles. Michaela loved it, but once again Melanie wanted nothing to do with it since it wasn’t our normal mac and cheese. Then Chris came home and it was time to get ready for “trick or treating.”

Earlier that afternoon, I moved our carved pumpkins to the front yard. Then I got out my plastic pumpkins buckets that I use to decorate the yard with. Last year, I was able to get several plastic battery flickering lights. When you put them in the buckets it lights ups and looks like a real pumpkins. It  looks really neat at night. A cheap and easy way to decorate for Halloween!!!

Chris and I decided to keep Melanie home with me to pass out the candy. Then Chris was able to take Michaela around the neighborhood. I put the baby gate across the front door (to keep Melanie from running outside) then I got a chair and sat next to the gate with a bowl full of 300 pieces of Halloween candy. Melanie was dressed in her Halloween outfit and when the “trick or treaters” came to the door Melanie could of cared less if they were there or not. Every once in a while Melanie would come over to me and look outside to see what was going on. But other than that Melanie was content to play and watch a movie instead.

Michaela in her Cinderella costume

People come in car loads to our neighborhood and we get a lot of Halloween traffic. Everyone is always respectfully and there are always an adult present with the children. When Michaela was done “trick or treating,” she really enjoys passing out the candy. I have to do a lot of reminders to use your inside voice, because at one point Michaela yelled at a group of kids saying, “Hey trick or treaters come over here!” It was cute I have to say. A few times I had to also remind Michaela to keep your hands to yourself and not touch the other kids. Michaela was fascinated by some of the costumes. Overall we had a good evening.

Until 3am Tuesday morning. Melanie woke up and got sick all over her bed! Poor baby. She didn’t have a temperature. So we got everything cleaned up and put Melanie back to bed. Then not even 10 minutes later Melanie got sick and woke up again. This kept going until 5:30am. Of course it woke Michaela up because she is a light sleeper. Now, I’m thankful we didn’t take Melanie out “trick or treating.” I guess things happen for a reason.

This morning, at 8:30am our doorbell rang, it was Melanie’s occupational therapist. I felt awful because I completely forgot about the session (which lately the sessions have been on Wednesday’s.) She understood and we talked for a while. Melanie finally got up around 9am and I gave her some sips of water plus a couple Saltine crackers to see how she will handle it. Melanie did fine but her temperature was 99.2 when she got up. I am a little nervous about Melanie asthma issues. I am watching Melanie like a hawk to see if she has any early signs and if I need to possibly start the breathing treatments again. I hate this part of not knowing if Melanie’s asthma is going to trigger or not. Once again, time will tell. I hope everyone had a good Halloween and now it is time to get ready for another fun filled holiday season! 🙂