WE can not catch a break!!!!  It has been a roller coaster since beginning of April!!!!! SIGH

On Wednesday, Melanie’s nose started running and she was picking at her ears. She had ear tubes put in March and when their is an ear infection you should be seeing some drainage. Nothing coming from her ears. Thursday she starts coughing at night and was running a low grade fever. The highest it got was 100.8.

Friday rolls around and I noticed her breathing was quick and deep like she was wheezing. I call Chris and we decided to call our pediatrician to make an appt. I had to get the girls and myself ready in 40 minutes then hull both girls to the pediatrician office. The pediatrician looks over Melanie and said her ears, throat, and chest are clear. It’s viral!!  UGH!!!!  (Now, as a parent you HATE this word, because there is nothing you can do about a virus (cold). Antibiotics can’t help at all.) Our pediatrician did say we can give some breathing treatments if we feel she needs them because her heavy breathing is from her nose being stuffy.

Saturday morning we are getting ready to head over to mom and dad’s for Mother’s Day lunch with the family. Melanie was still kinda breathing heavy again like the day before. Her breathing was like she was playing really hard but couldn’t relax and slow down her breathing. So, we give her a breathing treatment at 9:30am before we leave and I wasn’t planning on giving her another one until later that night. We get to mom and dad’s, Melanie didn’t want to eat lunch (which is not like her at all). So, during lunch my mom is filling my plate since I was trying to get Melanie to eat. Before, I touched any food on my plate I decided to go ahead and take Melanie upstairs to lay her down for a nap. She was really tired and she could finish her food after nap time. I take her in to the quite room and was cuddling with her (and most of you know my daughters DO NOT cuddle unless something is wrong.) When Melanie was laying on me, I could feel her breathing. She was breathing fast from her stomach and you can hear the wheezing sound when she breathed. I called Chris up stairs, he held her for a little bit and then decided we needed to head home and give Melanie a breathing treatment. NOTE TO SELF: When Melanie is sick take the nebulizer where ever we go! Chris and I took Melanie home and Michaela was brought home later by my aunt and uncle since she wasn’t ready to leave.

When Chris and I got home and gave Melanie at breathing treatment about 2 1/2 hours later she is still breathing fast and from the stomach. We call the on call pediatrician. The pediatrician told us to give another 2 breathing treatments back to back. Then wait 4 hours until the next treatment. If she needs another treatment between this time and if her breathing does not improve to take her to the ER. We got done with the last breathing treatment at 5:00pm and we waited about 45minutes. Her breathing was the same, so off I go with Melanie to the ER. Chris stayed home with Michaela since there was no way we would take her to the ER.

Michaela during all this is very nervous! She gets a little upset when someone is not feeling well. When we go to the Dr appts that are not for her, she acts out a little bit because she realizes she is not getting the attention. During Melanie’s breathing treatments Michaela is not too sure about it. The nebulizer is loud and stays on for about 15 mins for each treatment. Michaela doesn’t like the noise and will put her hands over her ears. Also, we have the TV turned up so Melanie can hear it to relax her during the treatments. So for the past couple of days Michaela has been off her game and is a little harder to manage. I also feel really bad for Michaela because she wants to go outside and play and the weather is not cooperating. Hopefully, when Chris gets back from church maybe this afternoon Michaela and mommy will go on a special trip to get out of the house.

I get to the ER and the triage nurse says her chest sounds clear. It make me feel better to hear that but once again I feel like a first time mom freaking out about her breathing (no offense to all the first time mommies out their.) Also, take note, Melanie’s temperature when we got to the ER was 99.4. So, we finally get to our ER room and meet with the nurse. The nurse notices that she is breath very fast and can see her breathing with her stomach. The ER Dr. comes in and takes a look at Melanie. One of Melanie’s ear is red but her chest does sounds clear with some whistling. The ER Dr orders a chest x-ray.

We go back to get the chest x-rays.  Melanie surprising does very well because they let her sit up during the x-ray and didn’t have to hold her down like they did with the CT scan last month. We get back into the room waiting for the results when the nurse walks in I tell her Melanie feels warmer. The nurse takes Melanie’s temperature and it is 102.4!!!! That was when everyone starts piling into the room. We had at one time our nurse, another ER Dr, and a respiratory therapist come into the room telling me Melanie’s x-rays had some spots of congestion which turns out to be pneumonia. NOW, I’m not a Dr and this is how I interpreted on what they were telling me. They said the pneumonia was in her upper respiratory area which is why she sounds clear. Plus, with her high fever can also cause the fast breathing. They told me when we got home to keep doing her breathing treatments every 4 hours for the next 24 hours, they gave her some Tylenol for the fever, and a steroid medicine to bring down her inflammation in her lungs. We were also sent home with prescriptions for the steroid and antibiotic plus we have to make an appt on Monday to follow up with our pediatrician.

When Melanie and I got home we gave her another breathing treatment. She was really tired at this point and went straight to bed. She slept really well last night. This morning, I can tell she is feeling better because she is already getting into trouble. Her breathing is much better than yesterday but every once in a while she starts to breath heavy.

Happy Mother’s Day to ALL the wonderful mommies who would do anything for there babies even on Mother’s Day weekend! 😉